Get Backing Up Today With These Easy Tips!


Many of us don’t know where to begin when it comes to backing up our photos. We all know that we SHOULD backup, but the thought of this daunting task can put us off until it is too late. At Picture Keeper, we cannot stress the importance of regular photo backup enough, but with so many options out there, what is the best solution? The cloud is one option, but to give yourself total peace of mind, you MUST have at least one PHYSICAL backup as a supplement. We recommend having one cloud backup and two physical backups to be totally secured. By physical backup we mean a USB drive (like our PK4, PK8, PK16, and PK32) or an external hard drive (like our PK Pro series.) Don’t let disaster strike before you backup your irreplaceable memories.

When it comes to physical backups, there are a lot of manual options that can be confusing and time consuming.

Where are all my pictures? Pictures can be stored in a variety of folders across your computer, and dragging and dropping them onto a drive can take FOREVER.

How do I know if I have already backed up this photo? Finding and identifying duplicates can be a frustrating experience, and often you end up with a backup riddled with multiples of the same photo.

Picture Keeper is so easy to use, and eliminates the traditional “drag and drop” method previously accepted as the only way to create a physical backup. Our software finds all of the photos on your Mac or PC, skipping duplicates, and backs them up on a convenient, portable drive. If one Picture Keeper fills up, just use another, and Picture Keeper will pickup where it left off. The entire process is quick and easy.

Our latest 3.0 software combines the ease of use Picture Keeper is known for, with new features that will cover all of your backup needs. Take a trip down memory lane as you watch your photos backup on our slideshow screen. See a photo you love? Just click the new “Favorite” button to put that photo into a favorites folder for easy access and sharing. Our new Facebook backup option allows you to backup all of your ”tagged” Facebook photos, including the ones your friends post! You can also backup your email attachments now too! All of these features are available on Picture Keeper now! Just go into your “Backup Options” to access these amazing capabilities.

Once you have completed a physical backup, we recommend storing your drive in a fireproof safe. Since Picture Keeper is so small and convenient, it will easily fit in your safe, taking up minimal space. You can rest assured that your whole photo library is protected! If you do a second physical backup, we recommend storing your second drive somewhere else, like a storage unit, safety deposit box, or just another location in your home. This way, if something happens to one of your physical backups, you can reduce the risk that both of your backups will be affected!

We all take a lot of photos, so remembering to backup your new pictures is key! Picture Keeper has the option to setup a backup reminder. When it is time to backup again, you will receive an email letting you know. We recommend backing up at least once a month. If you have already done a full backup with your Picture Keeper, backing up new photos is SO easy. Just plug in your PK drive, and only your newest photos will be backed up to your Picture Keeper! No duplicates! There are many opinions regarding photo backup, but one thing remains true: Picture Keeper is the simplest solution for your backup needs!

***As a reminder: If you haven’t updated your Picture Keeper in a while, be sure to click on the button that says “Software Update Needed” to make sure your drive is updated to our 3.0 software. Once you are updated you can access the great new backup options mentioned above!