Giving Back With Recause

giving back

During the holidays, people are often more generous and willing to give back to a cause they support. However, when the holidays are over, everyone tends to return to their routine ways of spending. Now with Recause, giving back doesn’t have to end after the holidays!


Recause is an online platform for charitable giving, where businesses and non-profits align to make giving back simple for consumers. At, consumers can give back to a worthy organization and receive a little something for themselves in return from a business they love! It is the perfect way to “align people with a passion for improving the world with brands who support them.”


Picture Keeper has created a platform with Recause so that you can give back to an organization you support and receive a perk from Picture Keeper!

Here are 5 simple steps to start giving:

  1. Visit
  2. Add the $10 donation to the cart
  3. Choose a cause to support
  4. Donate & receive a 40% discount code for a Picture Keeper Connect
  5. Use the code upon checkout at


Recause platform screen shot