How to Take Picture Perfect Vacation Photos

vacation photos

Vacation season is upon us, which means it’s time to gear up to take pictures to remember for years to come. Today, you don’t need an expensive camera to capture high-quality memories. That being said, many of us are always looking for ways to make the most out of our photos, after all, many are looking for that Instagram worthy shot right? Here are are some of our favorites at Picture Keeper:

1. Consider Your Subject

Every stand out image starts with a subject that captures the eye! If you are a photo enthusiast, you likely spend a fair amount of time thinking about the subject of your photo. But if you are just looking to capture some fun and interesting images, don’t overthink it! Focus on limiting distractions and capturing eye-catching scenery.

2. Experiment with Angles

Photography is a great time to experiment and try new ways to capture the world around you. For example, instead of taking a picture of a building straight on, try tilting your camera just off center. Not only does this give your photo a unique visual appeal, but you also capture a new way of looking at your subject.

3. Wanting the Perfect Selfie? Think about Lighting

Selfies are quickly becoming everyone’s guilty pleasure. It is a fun way to update your friends about your daily activities, and it is especially easy with apps like Snap. But why not impress your friends a little with your selfie skills! Be sure to think about lighting. Natural outdoor lighting is always the most flattering.

4. Save Editing for Later

It can be tempting to edit your pictures as you go while on your trip. But there will always be time for editing, whether you are looking to do simple edits on your phone or more advanced options on programs such as Photoshop. Our advice, focus on the memories, save the edits for later.

5. Sunset and Sunrise are Always Picture Perfect Times!

Sunset and sunrise pictures are always a classic for many people and a great way to remember your trip. These times of the day also have beautiful lighting, making it a must time for photo enthusiasts!

Don’t forget to grab your Picture Keeper when you jet off to your destination! We help you be sure you never have to sacrifice space while making memories.