I’m Mallory and this is my story on adopting my puppy, Kaiya This particular photo was taken in April of 2016 when I adopted my dog from Town and Country Vet in Marietta, GA.

This was the day that my husband and I adopted our sweet puppy, Kaiya. We had only been married for a month and weren’t expecting to have a pet so soon, but when we saw her online, we absolutely fell in love with her. We went to meet her a couple days later and knew right away that she was meant for us, and we were meant for her. The day we met her was one of my favorite days because it was the beginning to a new adventure for my husband and I.

pet adoption

This is my favorite photo because it reminds us of how happy we were when we made the decision to adopt her. It was not something that we took lightly because we knew it was a big responsibility. The bond between Kaiya and us was formed right away and there was no denying that she was coming home with us to stay forever.

If I lost this photo, I would be heartbroken. Nothing can replace the memories that were made this day and I can’t imagine not having these moments to look back on. It brings so much joy to us when we look back at these pictures and are reminded of that time in our life. Kaiya is now over a year old and we are obsessed with her, but nothing truly compares to the feeling that we got when we first met her. We will forever more have these photos to look back on because they are backed up with Picture Keeper Connect. Not only are they printed off but they are also stored in the device. Having these photos close by means so much to us and gives us peace of mind.

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