Christmas is just around the corner, and stories like this are the reason why Picture Keeper makes such a great holiday gift! This week’s #MyFavoritePhoto story focuses on an irreplaceable memory that means the world to Picture Keeper customer Meloni T. Help your friends and family save their memories by giving them the gift of photo backup this year!

1. Name: Meloni Thompson

2. Where are you from?: Williamson, GA

3. When was this photo taken?: November 19, 1989

4. Where was this photo taken?: Union Springs, AL

5. Tell us about why this is your favorite photo: “When I started trying to pick a favorite, I couldn’t! So, why not start with my favorite and the beginning–27 years ago!!”

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: “This picture brings back the memory of Lang (my husband) and I having a moment together before the wedding to just talk and share in what was about to be “the beginning”–what they now call ‘the first look’.”

7. What memory does the photo bring back to you?: “I remember my sister’s heel getting stuck in an old floor vent! While lighting the unity candle, Lang whispering to me that his feet hurt and making me laugh! I also remember all the love showed to us from those that came. Lastly, the vows we made to each other and the love and excitement of marrying the love of my life. So many wonderful memories on such a special day!”

8. If you could choose one word to describe this photo, what would that word be?: “Beginning!”

9. Lastly, how would you feel if you lost this photo?: “I can’t even imagine the thought of losing this picture! If you see folks quickly grabbing “things” in an evacuation or sifting through belongings in a tragedy — saving pictures is something we all do/grab or that can bring joy when losing everything. One thing I started doing was uploading my “film” pictures. You may say, “but you can still lose them” and you’re correct! That’s why I’ve saved all my pictures to a Picture Keeper that is kept in my fire-proof safe. Like most, I want my pictures safe!”

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