We all have “favorite memories” that we want to hold on to forever. If you closed your eyes right now and thought of your favorite memory, what would it be? Join us this week as we learn about Picture Keeper user Tina Ryan’s favorite memory of her daughter.

1. Name: Tina Ryan

2. Where are you from?: Nebraska

3. When was this photo taken?: “March 2012, four days after my daughter was born.”

4. Where was this photo taken?: “Outside, in front of our house.”

5. Tell us about why this is your favorite photo: “It reminds me of how small she was when we first brought her home.”

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: “I remember how perfect the weather was. I also remember being amazed she slept through the entire 2 hours of the photography session, even with the photographer moving her around and putting her in different poses.”

7. What memories does the photo bring back to you?: “The awe that my husband and I felt after she was born.”

8. If you could choose one word to describe this photo, what would that word be?: “Beautiful.”

9. Lastly, how would you feel if you lost this photo?: “If I lost this photo, I would be devastated. She changed so much in such a short amount of time, that I always want to be able to remember exactly what she looked like shortly after she was born.”

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