#MyFavoritePhoto: Feature and Giveaway

What are your favorite photos – and why? (Feature and Giveaway)

By: Mallory Entz

If you’ve been seeing our new blog series, #MyFavoritePhoto, you may have been wondering what it’s all about – the purpose behind it. Everybody has a favorite photo that they’ve taken, and it often isn’t the one that got the most likes on social media, or the one that “stuck out” in the mix of all the other pictures. It may be the one you went to great lengths to take, the one you’re really proud of or the one with your favorite story behind it.

Our blog series has been highlighting some of our Picture Keeper user’s most favorite memories and we have asked them to tell us why those memories mean the most to them. We also want to know how it would make them feel to lose those memories, and why “backing up your phone” is so important. So, let’s get personal! Take a trip down memory lane, scroll through your photos and find that one photo that brings the good memories flooding back. Or choose a recent happy moment!

Picture Keeper has teamed up to create a new mission. A feature and written article on Picture Keeper’s Official Blog is up for grabs, so don’t miss this opportunity to have your story heard (or in this case, seen)! Not only do we want you to enter the photo that brings back good memories, but we want the story behind it – the reason you love it so much. Lastly, what would it feel like if you lost that photo?

Your Mission: Simply identify ‘that one shot’ that you’re especially proud of – the one with the personal story behind it – and submit your photo to myfavephoto@picturekeeper.com. Once your story is submitted, it will be entered into the drawing for a featured post. If you are the chosen submitter of the week, we will respond with a guide on what to include in your story.

What’s in it for you: At the end of each week, we will choose a submission to be featured on our website’s blog post as well as our social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (make sure to follow us!). Each new feature/blog will be posted the following Thursday of each week. In addition, each submission (both featured and not featured) will be entered into a drawing for a Picture Keeper Giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will be randomly selected at the end of each month and will be personally contacted for shipment details. The giveaway product will vary each month.

We can’t wait to see your favorite photos and hear your favorite stories!