#MyFavoritePhoto: Love Is In The Air

We are wrapping up our #MyFavoritePhoto – Valentine’s Edition series this week with our final guest story. We have loved all of the incredible stories that have been shared with us throughout this series! This week we asked guest blogger Kendra with Simply {Darr}ling to share her favorite memory with a loved one. Don’t forget to enter our #LoveIsInTheAirGiveaway for a chance to win your own Picture Keeper Connect!

1. Name: Kendra

2. Where are you from?: Seattle, WA

3. When was this photo taken?: March, 2015

4. Where was this photo taken?: The Quad at University of Washington

5. Tell us about why this is your favorite photo: “My husband and I used this photo to announce that we were adopting. I made the map and then we headed to UW to get photos taken while the cherry blossoms were blooming. We also had our engagement photos taken with the UW cherry blossoms in 2006 so it was fitting to return there to announce our adoption hopes.”

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: “It was such an exciting time, for us it was like a pregnancy announcement, we just didn’t know how long the pregnancy was going to last (at this point, we’re still waiting).”

7. What memory does this photo bring back to you?: “My husband, best friend, and I had a great afternoon going around to different places in the quad looking for the perfect lighting and branch of cherry blossoms. After I felt like we had “the photo” we then took some time to just have fun and enjoy the sunny afternoon.”

8. If you could choose one word to describe this photo, what would that word be?: “Hope”

9. Lastly, how would you feel if you lost this photo?: “This photo has been used in so many items relating to our adoption – announcements, updates, Christmas cards, and our profile book. I would be devastated if I lost it because it has been such an integral part to our journey.”

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