Organize Your Birthday Photos with Picture Keeper

You’ve planned the perfect party, baked your best cake, sent out the invites, and you’re ready to celebrate your little one being another year older. Each birthday is a special celebration filled with many memories and endless photos! So how do you ensure your photos are now safe, backed up, and organized? The Picture Keeper Connect is the perfect solution! Here are 5 ways we recommend using Picture Keeper Connect for your child’s birthday:

Backup photos

The Picture Keeper Connect is an all-in-one backup device that plugs directly into your smartphone to download photos, videos, and contacts. It’s the perfect option to backup and store the many photos and videos taken during your child’s birthday celebration. It can also plug directly into your desktop computer, making it easy to transfer and share files.

Organize your photos into an album for each birthday

Each year, you place your child’s photos in a photo album on your phone and then download the photos on the Picture Keeper Connect. That way, when you go searching for your child’s 1st, 5th, or 10th birthday party, they’re all in one location and organized on the drive!

Have a Picture Keeper Connect for each child

If you’re keeping up with more than one child’s birthdays and celebrations, the connect makes it easy! We suggest having a Picture Keeper Connect designated for each of your children, so your pictures are always easy to access, store, and organize! The drive’s simple design allows for you to write your child’s name in Sharpie and helps indicate which child’s drive you need.

Store the photos safely

We always recommend you keep your photos in more than one location to ensure your memories are always protected. Downloading the birthday photos from your phone onto the Connect is a great start, but we also suggest backing them up to your computer as well. It never hurts to keep the drive in a fireproof safe, so you will never lose those precious memories!

Create custom prints or photo books

Directly from the Picture Keeper app (it’s free with a Picture Keeper Connect purchase), you can order prints, phone cases, magnets, photo books & more featuring all or your photos. What’s a better way to remember all the birthday memories? We definitely can’t think of one!

Ready to start organizing your birthday photos? Find more about our Picture Keeper Connect here.