How to Organize Your Family Photos

We’ve all been there. We have what feels like thousands of photos of our family and no way to properly organize them! They are either in tubs in the attic, spread out in chaos on your desktop computer, or unorganized on your phone’s camera roll. If you’ve been looking for a way to organize all these wonderful memories, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you get started and do something meaningful with your photos! Here’s how to get started:

Gather all of your photos

So this first step is the most challenging, but we promise it’s rewarding! First determine where all of your photos are located. If they’re in the attic spread out among tubs or old photo albums, gather them and start separating them by events, years, family members, etc. – whatever organization makes sense for you! If you have photos you are looking to get from a variety of family members, use the Share Your Photos app. It’s a free way to create an Event (example: FamilyPhotos) and start uploading photos to the album that you will need! If you have your photos on multiple devices, grab your phone and your desktop to be ready for your later steps. Finally, if you’re looking to get the photos from your phone to a desktop computer, our product Picture Keeper Connect can help. Simply plug in the device and choose which photos you want to backup onto the usb device.

woman looking at old photo album

Decide on how you want to digitize your photos

If you have a ton of photos you’re looking to digitize and save them on your computer, there are several options to go about this! You can scan each of them, take photos on your phone, or take them to a professional service if you don’t want to do it yourself. If you want more information, check out the blog “How to Digitize Your Grandparents” goes about for the process in more detail.

Creating folders on your computer

Now here comes the fun part – organizing all the photos! Now that you’ve gathered your photos from your hard copies or digital, it’s time to get them into one place! I suggest creating a variety of folders on your computer and separating your photos into the folders. Some folder ideas could be Family, Holidays, organize by the year, create separate folders of the children. The organization is what works best for you! This will take some time, but having the photos gathered properly from the devices and already digitized will make this easy and fun.

young woman holding a baby while on a computer

Protect the photos

Once your photos are all in one place on the computer, you will want to prevent anything from happening to them! After all your hard work, the worst thing that could happen is your computer crash and you lose all your favorite memories. We suggest backing up the photos using Picture Keeper or Picture Keeper Connect. It will backup all of your photos and keep them safe. Best of all, you can view them from anywhere – TV, desktop computer, and more!

Create custom gifts

Since you’ve put in all the hard work to organize your photos, why not create something fun from it?! Directly from our app and using Picture Keeper Connect drive, you can create custom gifts and prints. Whether it’s a phone case, photo book or magnet, there are so many options to create your family photos into something special!