How To Be Organized in the New Year

The new year is almost here and you know what that means… it’s time to make your New Year’s resolution! Whether it’s a healthier year, learning a new hobby, spending less money, or getting organized, there are endless options! If you find yourself wanting to be more organized year, we’re here to help! Here are 5 items to help organize 2018:

Choose a yearly planner

Having one calendar for the year is always a good idea! With all your information in one place, you’re sure to be ahead of the game with this year’s festivities. Choosing a small calendar to fit in a purse is a great way to keep it accessible at all times. For more tech-oriented people, using the calendar in your phone is also an easy way to keep up with your events! Simply be sure to backup your phone periodically so all your important dates don’t go missing in case of losing or breaking your phone.

yearly planner

Have an Organized Closet

Closets seem to be the one place that always accumulate the clutter! There are tons of ideas on how to organize your closet – from certain hangers, shoe shelves, and other sorting contraptions. If you’re looking to do a full-on makeover for your closet, Organized Living has an online platform where you can design your closet and choose the organizational products and looks that best suit you. Check it out here.

woman looking in closet

Create To-do Lists

Getting organized can be as simple as reverting to the basics and creating to-do lists! Grab a notebook and pen and begin planning your day OR opt for a tech version with one of these great apps: Todolist, Notebooks, Things, or one of the many other great to-do lists apps out there. With one of these apps your to-do list is only a fingertip away!

organizing tool

Organize your shared online files

Keeping your computer and shared files organized is important so everything is at your fingertips. A few great options are Google Drive & Dropbox. Dropbox is free up until you fill up 2TB of storage – which is plenty for personal files! Both are great for creating folders and organizing things the way you can easily find all your files. Not a fan of online storage? Picture Keeper has a variety of drives that will keep your files safe.

phone with dropbox app open

Declutter the photos on your phone

With all the new photos you will take during the new year, it’s important to be sure you saved all your past year’s photos and make space for the new ones! Picture Keeper Connect is the perfect solution to organize your photos and videos. Simply plug it into your smartphone (iPhone or Android), choose “Start Backup,” and it will backup all your photos, videos, and contacts. From there, you can remove all your photos to make space for your 2018 memories!

Picture Keeper Connect on white background

Now that you have the tools to be organized in 2018, it’s time to get started and achieve your New Year’s resolution. Check out many of the Picture Keeper products to help organize your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computers here.