Organizing Your Picture Keeper Connect

Picture Keeper Connect is the easiest way to backup your photos, videos, and contacts directly from your smartphone. It’s a simple solution to protect your favorite memories, no WiFi or data needed, and you can clear up space for more memories! One question we often receive is “How will pictures be organized on my Picture Keeper Connect?” If you want your Picture Keeper Connect to be organized, you have to organize your phone FIRST. To help you get started, we have provided you with information on the best way to organize your Picture Keeper Connect!

Start by creating albums on your phone.

Don’t panic! It’s super simple and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

  1. Click on your photos icons
  2. Press “Select” in the top right corner
  3. Select the photos you want to add to to an album in your Camera Roll (Pro Tip: Easily select more than one photo by first selecting the photo you want and drag your finger towards the bottom of your phone. Check out the second video to see how!)
  4. Choose “Add To”
  5. Select “New Album”
  6. Create an Album Name

Ta-dah! You’re done. Watch the videos below to see how it’s done on an iPhone!

So why would you want to organize your pictures?

You absolutely don’t HAVE to organize your pictures. Picture Keeper Connect will automatically backup your camera roll photos and videos by the date in which they were taken or saved on your smartphone. So, it really just depends on how you plan to use your Picture Keeper!

Organizing your photos before using your Picture Keeper Connect makes it easier to view your photos on the device once they are backed up! When you plug the Picture Keeper Connect into your smartphone and select “View Files,” it will show you all the different albums you have saved on your drive – making it super simple to find your favorite vacation photo or that selfie of you in your new dress. Plus if you want to take them to a photo print center, you can easily find the photo you want or print the entire album you created!

If you’re ready to get started backing up your favorite memories, learn more about Picture Keeper Connect HERE. Already have a PK Connect and want to learn more tips? Check out this blog about the best organizational practices HERE.