Picture Keeper Connect and iCloud

Are you using iCloud? If you are, you probably only know so much about it, and you might be using it and not even realize it. But did you know that the Picture Keeper Connect is the only product on the market that works with iCloud? Not sure how? Here are some common questions we get about iCloud and Picture Keeper Connect:

First, what exactly is iCloud?

iCloud is the main umbrella term for iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive. The iCloud Photo Library will upload all your photos and videos, while the iCloud Drive will save files like contacts and documents. Then, all these files are saved to an online server that you can access through your iCloud account. Interested in knowing more about iCloud? Check out our blog post on iCloud here.

Can I backup up my iCloud photos and videos on to my Picture Keeper Connect?

Yes in three easy steps!

1. Open the Picture Keeper Connect app with the device plugged in. Locate the toolbar in the upper left corner.

  1. Select “Backup Options” from the menu

3. Be sure “iCloud Photos” is turned on

Your photos will save as a photo stream folder on your Picture Keeper Connect. In order for iCloud photos to backup to your Picture Keeper Connect you must be connected to wifi.

Are all my files in iCloud? Will they be backed up onto my Picture Keeper Connect?

It depends on the settings you have set up in your iCloud, but all photos, videos, and contacts that are in iCloud will then be saved to your Picture Keeper Connect. Remember, your iPhone and iPad only come with 5GB of free iCloud storage, so it’s likely not every photo, video, or contact that you have is in iCloud.

How does Apple’s “Optimized Storage” feature benefit my Picture Keeper Connect?

The Optimized Storage feature, found on iPhone, iPad, and Mac allows you to free up space on your devices and temporarily store files in the Cloud. You likely have photos on multiple Apple devices, and the optimized storage feature can help get files from multiple devices and put them into your iCloud. So, when you go to backup your photos on either your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can get images from all those devices in one backup!

Can my iCloud help me determine what size Picture Keeper Connect I should get?

Yes, it can! If you go to your settings, general, storage & iCloud Usage you will get a screen like the one below:

As you can see this iPhone has used 12.76 GB of space, then if you consider that there is 5GB of iCloud storage being used (remember files in iCloud are not on your device!) then this user would need a Picture Keeper 32GB or 64GB because the 16GB would be too small.


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