Picture Keeper Connect vs. Online Storage

“What is the difference between Picture Keeper Connect and Online Storage?” This is one of the most common question we are asked by our customers, and we are here to answer all of your questions!

Online Storage

Online storage is a way for people to save files, music, videos, photos and other documents on an online source. There are many different companies that provide these services. While online storage can be helpful, there are a few downfalls. For one, they often begin as free, but will charge monthly fees later. Additional storage space, for all you avid photo and video takers, will also begin to cost extra. Secondly, these online storages almost always need wifi to be accessed. This can be a real inconvenience to people who are on-the-go and without wifi! While you can access your files easily, these downfalls can be a hindrance for online storage users.

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Picture Keeper Connect

Unlike online storage, Picture Keeper Connect allows you to save your photos, videos, and contacts in one place. The simple-to-use USB flash can plug directly into your smartphone, iOS or Android, as well as Mac and PC computers. While you have to drag and drop the files yourself on online storage system, Picture Keeper’s software does all the heavy lifting for you!

Once the app is downloaded, plug in the Connect drive and select “Start Backup.” You can choose to backup all your photos, videos, and contacts at one time, or choose specific items you wish to backup. Additionally, Picture Keeper Connect will recognize where your last backup ended and pick up from there – skipping all duplicates! No extra work of dragging and dropping photos you forgot you already saved!

While online storage charges a recurring monthly fee, Picture Keeper Connect is a one-time charge. You use the device until you fill it up completely (and remember there are no duplicates), and then you can decide to purchase another one. The new one will even pick up where you left off! Best of all, you don’t need wifi to use Picture Keeper Connect. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can use Picture Keeper Connect anytime and anywhere!

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We always love to remind our readers to keep copies of your photos. Online storage has easy access, but you never know if there will be a mistake with the system or you forget to sync your documents. With Picture Keeper Connect, once they are backed up onto the drive, you have it for life. You can even keep it in a fire safety box so you ensure they’re safe forever!