Picture Keeper Connect vs USB Flash Drive

Many of you have been wondering, What exactly is the difference between Picture Keeper Connect and a USB Flash Drive? It might seem confusing at first, similar concept and look, we get it. But really there are so many features that Picture Keeper Connect can do over a USB. Here are some of the ways Picture Keeper Connect differs from your typical USB flash drive:


1. Device Compatibility

Picture Keeper Connect is compatible with iPhone and Android, and Mac and PC. You also don’t need a wifi connection to backup your photos! You could be out in the middle of nowhere and still have the ability to backup your photos.Your typical flash drive may be able to save photos without a wifi connection, but you can’t save photos right from your phone.


2. Picture Keeper Connect and Facebook

Connect can save photos right from Facebook. Check out our recent blog post to learn how to start saving your Facebook photos. Your flash drive cannot save photos directly from Facebook.


3. Backup Technology

Do you ever forget what photos you have put on a USB, or which ones you haven’t? With Picture Keeper Connect you will never have this problem again. Our software will never add duplicates to your Connect, and it remembers where you last left off in a backup. So if your Connect fills up, you can pick up where you left off on your second Connect. And if you switch devices? The Connect transfers between devices, keeping all your photos safe. With a USB flash, duplicates are always a problem.


4. Saves More than just Images

Sure a USB can save videos but can it save contacts? With the Connect you can easily save photos, videos, and contacts all at once. And, if you have an Android device, you can save audio documents too! Never has it been so easy to save not only your memories but important contacts.


5. Get Creative!

Want a fun way to remember your recent family vacation? With Picture Keeper Connect you can save those images, and then turn those memories into prints, photo books, phone cases, and more, all in minutes! Does your USB have a print store in it?


Picture Keeper is always developing new ideas to make protecting your memories, quick and easy, but also fun! We invite you to give it a try and see for yourself why this is the only way to save photos! Let us know your experience on social media.

P.s. Have an iPhone? Learn more about backing up your memories here.