Picture Keeper Difference: How is Picture Keeper different than SD Readers?

There are a lot of devices that claim they can store photos and videos from digital device, but they’re really nothing more than flash drives. Unlike these products, Picture Keeper strives to make the backup process to store photos, videos and contacts safe and easy.

These other products provide an unorganized method of storing photos that make it difficult to find your photos and videos when they are backed up. You have to do all the hard work to get them off of your device, onto the flash drive, and then again to find all the photos and videos you store on there. It’s as if you need to be a tech expert to understand how the product works!

Picture Keeper’s smart software solves all of these problems. Picture Keeper Connect allows you to store all of your photos, videos, and contacts with one small press of the “Start Backup” button. It not only makes the backup process simple, but it also saves the content into easy-to-find compartments. It separates your backup by devices (example: Amy’s PC, Amy’s iPhone, Amy’s Tablet), and then again by photos, videos and contacts. It can even detect if you have albums saved on your phone and organize it that way! There’s no need to be a tech-expert to use Picture Keeper Connect. It’s easy-to-use and it’s for everyone.

Watch this video to learn more: