Printing Your Photos at Home

Whether you’re a scrapbook enthusiast or are looking to frame some family photos, printing at home can be an easy and convenient way to get your photos.

What you’ll need:

  1. A computer
  2. Digital copies of the photos you’d like to print
  3. A printer
  4. High-quality printer paper

How to print from home:

  1. Make any edits you’d like on your photos. What and how much you edit depends on personal preference, skill level, and editing programs you have access to.
  2. Make sure that the aspect ratio of the photo you’re printing and the photo paper you’ve chosen match.
  3. Load the paper into the printer’s paper tray. Follow your printer’s directions for correctly inputting paper correctly.
  4. In your printer’s settings, set print quality as high as possible.
  5. Open the photo files that you’d like to print and double-check your printer’s settings.
  6. Now, print!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Many printers will have a recommended ink and paper brand for the best results.
  • Aspect ratio is the relationship between the height and width of a photo, usually denoted as height:width. For a more in-depth explanation of aspect ratios, check out this great tutorial from Canva.
  • There are different paper finishes available to print photos on. The most popular are Matte and Glossy finishes. Which paper type you choose depends on personal preference. Glossy finishes will make your colors appear more vibrant, while matte will provide less glare and hide marks from fingerprints.

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