How to Protect Your Phone from a Summer Disaster

Our phones have become our life-lines. They hold everything we need – our calendar, contact information, emails, messages, photos, videos, notes, documents and more! We are so reliable on the mobility of our devices and losing its important information could be detrimental. While we all cherish summer and the fun that comes with it, there is a lot of potential for disaster to strike on our smartphones. What if you happened to drop your phone in the ocean or pool? What if your child buries it forever in the sand, or you spill that delicious tropical drink on it? Would your your most important information be lost forever? We’ve gathered a few ways to ensure your phone stays protected from any disaster this summer!

Proper phone case

Having a good phone case is always important – but especially for the summer! You don’t necessarily need something bulky, unless you have the tendency to drop your phone a lot. The best phone case for the summer is one that’s waterproof if you’re going to be around a pool or ocean during the summer months. Those phone cases also do very well on preventing sand from getting into your device!

Keeping it out of the heat

Mobile devices tend to get overheated during the warm, summer months! It can drain your battery and potentially cause issues down the road for your phone. This problem can be solved simply by keeping it out of the heat. Leaving your phone in a shaded area, or just keeping it in your beach bag or under a towel (but not in sand!), are easy ways to keep your phone safe from the heat.

Picture Keeper Connect

This simple device is a great way to ensure all your favorite photos, videos, and contacts are safely stored safely! It plugs directly into your smartphone and saves them directly onto the USB. It gives you a peace of mind that your favorite memories are protected from any potential summer mishap, PLUS it clears up space on your phone so you’re able to make more memories and take more photos and videos of your summer adventures. Learn more about Picture Keeper Connect here.

Bags for the beach

If you’re not big into phone cases, having a small bag for your phone is great alternative! It does run the risk of getting water on it or sand if you take it out, but if you don’t need your device much on a trip, this is perfect. There are plenty of waterproof bag options, and you can choose something clear so you can check your phone through the bag!

Keeping your devices away from water

You won’t believe the stories we’ve heard about people losing their phones to the ocean or dropping in the pool! While you may be spending a lot of time by the water this summer, it doesn’t mean your devices should be. It’s best to leave your phone safely stored in a bag or somewhere on a table when you’re out in the water. Always check your pockets before going into the water, or hold onto it tightly if you’re trying to capture your picture perfect moment!

 girls taking photos on beach

We hope these few tips help prevent any summer phone mishaps! Picture Keeper wants everyone’s phones to be protected from disaster, and that includes saving all your favorite moments from the summer. Be sure to checkout Picture Keeper Connect to learn more about backing up your memories and making room for more.