Thanksgiving Photo Tips

Thanksgiving is the big family gathering holiday, and emotions can be high during this time. If Thanksgiving is a special day to get together with friends and family, then you probably want to capture moments throughout the day. From the time the first family member comes through the door, you can be snapping away and capturing those perfect holiday memories.

Here are some tips to help you take photos you can treasure for years to come:

1. Plan Ahead:

First and foremost, it’s a great idea to write down a list of the photos you’d like to capture. With the hustle and bustle of holiday activities, there’s a good chance you’ll simply forget to take some pictures until it’s too late. Decide ahead of time what you want to capture whether it be the fully dressed table laid out with the delicious food, the guests, or the dessert that you have been waiting all year to get your hands on. Place the list somewhere you’ll see it – like the fridge – and cross off the shots as you go.

2. Zoom in for Details:

Fill the frame with details that will evoke the spirit of the holiday. What strikes your interest for Thanksgiving? Is it the turkey coming out of the oven, the wreaths on the doors or the fall flower arrangements around the house? Maybe your favorite memories from the holiday are simply your friends and family being together. The overall concept here is to imagine what images will have the most dramatic impact and bring back your favorite memories for years to come.

3. Take Candid Shots:

Candid shots are where the fun is! You want to get your family – especially the little ones – enjoying and experiencing the holiday without any conscious recognition of the camera. Thanksgiving usually centers around the meal, so make that a focus point and capture the carving of the turkey, the exchanging of plates and the “cheers” before the meal starts! Candids capture your family when they’re least expecting it, so let the shots you capture tell the story of that day years from now.

4. Family Group Shots:

While we suggest doing mostly candid shots, every holiday demands a few family group photos. However, these can be boring, so our best advice is to make it fun and unique by being creative. For example, use props from the table, make your family laugh and use different positions for the family such as step ladders or chairs to get a different angle. Use a tripod and the auto-timer setting on your phone or camera so that you can also be in some of the photos. Let the natural setting of the day be your focus so that you remember the details of this day each time you look at your photos.

5. Don’t Forget to Backup Your Photos:

You’re finished with the hard part, which is actually capturing the photos. Now, let Picture Keeper Connect relieve you of your duties by backing up your photos for you! Simply plug the device into your smartphone, choose which files to save and hit backup, and sit back and relax. Memories are irreplaceable and you shouldn’t have to worry about what happens to the photos after you take them. Save your favorite Thanksgiving memories with ease so that you can continue celebrating with friends and family! Click here for more information on Picture Keeper Connect.