The Big Fake Wedding - Recap

big fake wedding

We recently had our first experience with The Big Fake Wedding as a featured vendor, and I have to say that we have already made plans to return! We attended the event this past Sunday (August 14th) at Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Douglasville, GA. The event lasted from 5-7 PM, although we were there much earlier to set up our table.

The Big Fake Wedding is a unique alternative to a bridal show. The hand-selected vendors perform their services while the “wedding guests” get to attend the event and experience the vendors in action, just as they would at a real wedding. In my opinion, this is a perfect way for upcoming brides and grooms, members of the bridal party or even those involved in the planning process in any way, to see what their future wedding could potentially look like. It also provides an opportunity for vendors to show potential customers what they’re really made of – in person, in action and what they’re capable of doing.

At each event, a (somewhat) newly married couple is nominated and chosen to renew their vows. The couple gets all dressed up (in a suite and gown provided by a participating vendor, of course), makes preparations and walks through scenes as if reliving their own wedding day. In this case, the couple was Kevin and Ansley, who have been married for two years now. The ceremony was adorable, the bride was stunning and you could literally feel the love that they had for one another as they recited their own written vows. The theme of this particular event was “Indian Summer”, so everything was bright, playful and vibrant – which was perfect!

One thing that I found to be shocking was how incredibly creative everyone was! Not that I was shocked to see creativity from this group of people, but I was shocked at just HOW MUCH creativity was displayed at this event. Everything from the table decorations, food and drinks, and wedding attire all the way down to each individual vendor table, everything was full of inspiration! I truly believe that each guest was able to walk away with a more clear idea of what they wanted their future wedding to look like.

We decided to feature a specific product that we felt was perfect for weddings – Picture Keeper Connect, our mobile device. Connect is a great wedding tool because it offers something useful for every individual participating in the wedding, even those that aren’t IN the wedding. No matter what part you are playing in a wedding (even if you are simply a guest), Connect allows you to store all of your wedding-day memories in one place. The best part? You can take it with you and back your phone up on-the-go! There have been many times where I find myself running out of storage at the most inconvenient times, wishing I had a simple device in my hand to backup my phone and free up space right then and there. Picture Keeper Connect allows you to free up space no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s as simple as plugging it in, hitting a button on our free App and letting it do all of the work for you. It’s super fast, so you can get back to snapping the perfect picture at the perfect time.

Overall this event was very successful and Picture Keeper Connect was a perfect product choice for us to feature at this event. We had a great experience and got to see lots of new faces, meet new potential customers and form new partnerships with fellow vendors. We are already scheduled to return in January and absolutely can’t wait!