The Mom Hour: The Lifestyle Podcast You Need To Hear

The Mom Hour is a lifestyle podcast network dedicated to YOU- written for moms, by moms.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday mom-tasks. One minute you’re doing the laundry, next you’re cutting the grass and before you know it, the kids are painting the walls and there’s toilet paper stuck in the food disposal. Sometimes it feels like the only quiet time moms can get is in the car or when they’re on the road. Even though the Frozen soundtrack is on repeat; sit back, relax and tune into The Mom Hour.

The Mom Hour is produced by Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers; two moms talking about everyday life. They talk about what’s up and coming in travel, food, fashion, tech and more. They recently featured Picture Keeper in an episode all about Tech & Family Travel. Sarah says that Picture Keeper Connect is the “perfect solution to get vacation photos off one device onto another” and Meagan uses it to “get her pictures and videos off of an old computer and onto a new one”.

Together, they have labeled Picture Keeper Connect the perfect travel item, and here’s why:

  • View, select, backup and delete single items or entire albums with the touch of a button
  • Flash Drive and adapter work for Android or iOS devices as well as computers
  • Makes organizing and backups easy and painless
  • Frees up space to take more photos and videos
  • No wifi or data needed and it can be used on the road


You can click this link to listen to Episode 106 of The Mom Hour
Smart Tech & Family Travel

Sarah and Meagan also talk about our sister brand- Share Your Photos App! The free app allows multiple people to upload their pictures and videos into one, collective album. It can be accessed from an iPhone or iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, and even a computer. There’s no need to text photos back and forth anymore! The Share Your Photos App lets you upload unlimited photos and videos into the event and create albums that your friends and family can see forever! Download the app HERE.

The Mom Hour highlights how Picture Keeper Connect and the Share Your Photos App are the perfect tech gadgets and apps to have before you hit the road. Together, they are a team – and together they will help you protect and share your memories!