The New and Improved Picture Keeper Pro

The new & improved picture keeper pro

Now, the Picture Keeper Pro is part of a new product line in the Picture Keeper family for computer backup featuring an all-in-one solution. Picture Keeper Pro backs up photos, videos, documents, and music with one simple tool to protect all of your irreplaceable files.

Based on feedback from our customers, we wanted to create a new product that backs up everything! Picture Keeper Pro was developed to help busy families easily protect all of your irreplaceable files with one easy-to-use solution. We also provided the option to quickly print photos and design custom gifts that are delivered straight to your door.

Don’t let disaster wipe out your most important files. Picture Keeper Pro is the simple, all-in-one solution to your backup needs. While other computer backup solutions are complicated and time-consuming, Pro makes backing up your photos, music, videos, and office files a snap. Simply plug the Picture Keeper Pro into your computer and click “Start Backup.” The Picture Keeper Pro goes to work, backing up your files for you. No need to drag and drop folders and files—Pro’s photo backup software does the job automatically. The Picture Keeper Pro difference is that there is no software to install, wires to connect, passwords to remember or monthly fees. Picture Keeper Pro is compatible with Mac and PC and will be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 500GB capacities. Shop Now!