The Perfect Addition to Your Wedding

Picture Keeper goal is to help people protect the most precious of memories. These memories include anything from a birthday party, graduation, simple girl’s night out, or that funny thing your child did last week. Whether you’re capturing milestones or simple moments you don’t want to forget, Picture Keeper Connect provides a way to save and protect every memory in a matter of minutes.

One of our favorite ways to use Picture Keeper Connect is to backup moments snapped at a wedding, because getting married is one of the most important days in a person’s life. Using a small device to get right into the action definitely has its advantages, and it’s crucial to make sure those special moments are protected once they are captured.

Need a gift idea? Picture Keeper Connect also makes a great gift for the bridal party, family members, guests, etc. You have the option of uploading pictures on the device and filling it with memories before giving it away or keeping it empty so that new memories can be added.

Our latest app, Share Your Photos, is a perfect addition to your wedding day and pairs perfectly with Picture Keeper Connect. Share Your Photos allows everyone that attends the event to share photos amongst each other within the app. Setup is simple, only requiring users to download the free app and create (or join an already created) group by entering the designated username for that specific event. Sharing photos with your friends and family has never been easier! Plus, unlimited storage and downloads are 100% free!

We hope to see you at our next bridal event, The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta this Thursday, January 26th. Share-Your-Photos will be the first ever National App Event Sponsor. Don’t forget to download the Share-Your-Photos App and share your pictures with the event ID BigFakeWeddingATL14. If you can’t come to the event, use the ID to follow along!

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