The Perfect Holiday Gift

We often get asked “which Picture Keeper Connect is the right size for me?”. We offer three different sizes because everyone has different demands in life. No matter the size, Picture Keeper Connect makes a perfect gift, but find out which size may fit you and your storage needs best!

First, you need to determine which camera you use the most. Either a Point-and-Shoot, a Mobile camera, or a DSLR.

Next, assess how many photos you think you have: 2,000 or less, 2,000-5,000, 5,000-10,000 or 10,000+.

Next, you need to determine what the Picture Keeper Connect will be used for. Uses of Connects range anywhere from personal to business use (event planner, photographer, etc.).

Picture Keeper Connect – 16GB

Our 16GB option holds approximately 8,000 photos. This option is great for use of a single phone, but keep in mind that if you have a lot of videos on your phone as well, the amount of photo’s it can back up will vary. We typically see this size being gifted to family members who have a minimal amount of pictures and videos stored on his or her phone. This option is also practical if you are simply looking to back up your phone and pass it down to someone else.

Picture Keeper Connect – 32GB

Our 32GB option is the most popular size, giving the user a broad range of options. Picture Keeper Connect can be shared between multiple phones, meaning that if you back up one phone and have space remaining on your Connect device, you can plug it into another phone and back up that one as well. The 32GB holds roughly 16,000 photos, varying in size if videos are included. You and your spouse, family member, and/or friends can share the device, getting more use out of it. The 32GB lasts a long time and can continue to back up your phone over and over again, until it fills up (but with this much space, it won’t fill up for a long time). This is typically the option that is chosen when you’re not really sure how much space you will end up needing (this capacity is a safe bet).

Picture Keeper Connect – 64GB

Picture Keeper Connect 64GB is the largest option that we offer. This particular device holds roughly 32,000 photos (as with the others, size varies when videos are added). We find that this device is useful for large families or even businesses. This is a great tool for those that work in industries such as event planning or photography because it is practical for easily storing large amounts of files. With the 64GB, you pretty much never have to worry about running out of space on the device (it will last a LONG time).

If you have someone in your life that is constantly running out of space on their phone and finds it a little overwhelming to go through the process of backing up his or her files, give them the gift of Picture Keeper Connect. It is our job at Picture Keeper to make life a little easier, making sure that our customer’s files are safely stored and protected with this simple and easy-to-navigate device.

Buying gifts around the Holidays can be tough, especially if you are buying for that person in your life that seems to already “have it all”. Picture Keeper Connect can be used on both smartphones and computers, making it easy to take with you and use any time, anywhere.

For more tips on finding the right Picture Keeper Connect for you or your special someone, check out our Estimator Tool or visit our website and shop Picture Keeper Connect.