Top Tech Gifts for Moms & Dads

tech gifts

Your parents may not appear to be the most tech-savvy people, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as interested in nifty gadgets and doo-dahs as the rest of us. With a little searching, you can find great tech gifts for mom and dad. Mobile devices are always popular (anything mom can use to connect with children and grandchildren is appreciated). If they’re already smartphone and tablet pros, why not surprise them with one of the gift ideas on this list?


Bags with Built-in Chargers

Messenger bags, handbags, and backpacks make great tech gifts for mom and dad if they’re constantly on the go. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, built-in charger bags contain a pocket with a lithium-ion battery to recharge mobile devices. Many hold enough power to recharge six or seven mobile devices.


GPS Trackers

Memory often fails us as we get older (and when we’re young too, for that matter). If dad’s forever losing his keys, or mom’s always leaving her handbag behind, GPS tags offer a solution. These coin-shaped tags attach to keychains, wallets, phones, and indeed, any other item. Some people even attach them to the family pet’s collar.

You can track the location of the GPS tag, and the thing it’s attached to, through an app on your mobile device. Some include two-way separation features that alert you if the item is separated from the app-running device by a set distance.

GPS key tracker

Picture Keeper Connect

We might be ever so slightly biased, but we think Picture Keeper Connects make excellent gifts for techie moms and dads. Their smartphones are as full of family pictures as everyone else’s, and Picture Keeper Connect offers a hassle-free way for mom to back up her photos quickly and on the go.

Picture Keeper Connect

Wireless Headphones

Dad loves his classical jazz, but mom’s more of a Norwegian death metal kinda gal. Other than the fact you have the world’s coolest mom, their music preferences aren’t exactly compatible. Keep them both happy with one of the top tech gifts for mum and dad: wireless headphones.

With noise canceling properties, long battery lives, and Bluetooth connectivity, mom and dad can enjoy listening to their favorite music in peace. Also, it gives you opportunity to tell mom to turn the volume down before she wrecks her hearing, which we know you’ve been dying to do since you were a teenager.

wireless headphones

Portable Photo Printer

Despite our seemingly inexhaustible appetite for digital photos, sometimes it’s nice to have a real, physical photo. With today’s small and portable photo printers, mom and dad can print out photos from their cell phones whenever and wherever they want.

HP portable printer

Car USB Chargers

Whether mom and dad are snowbirds with their own RV or just like to travel, car USB chargers ensure they’ve always got access to well-charged mobile devices. If they’re still driving the car they bought in 1985, it won’t have a built-in USB port, in which case you can give them a USB port adapter that turns their vehicle’s cigarette lighter into a USB charger.



Mom’s arthritis makes vacuuming a chore, and dad’s old football injury mysteriously flares up in the presence of household chores. Let them both put their feet up with a Roomba. The little robot vacuums remain one of the top tech gifts for mom and dad year after year.