Using the Share Your Photos App for Summer Photos

With the kids out for summer, you are sure to have plenty of summer vacationing and activities ahead! From trips to the pool, park, beach, zoo, and wherever else you may fill your summer days with, there will be plenty of memories made and moments captured on camera.

Sharing these cute photos of your kiddos with family and friends can be a headache! You might want to share all of the funny, quirky, and not always that cute photos with your close family and friends, but don’t necessarily want to blast them on social media for the world to see. That’s where the Share Your Photos App is super helpful!

This totally free app allows you to share all of your photos in one easy place! Simply download the app, create an event name (for example: SUMMER2018), and start uploading your photos. Share the Event Name with family and friends that you would like to have the photos and they are able to join the event and upload photos of their own and download their favorites. Another great feature is that your events can be totally private – all you have to do is create a PIN number. That way people will have to know the event name and the PIN number in order to see your photos. It’s perfect for the families that want to share their photos, but also want their child’s privacy.

Baby infant tries to crawl down to the pool alone with danger.

So stop texting your in-laws that millionth photo or your kid making a sand castle, instead download the Share Your Photos App so they can access the photos anytime they’d like! It’s truly the simplest solution to sharing your photos this summer. Plus, once you place your photos in the app, you can then backup all your favorite moments on Picture Keeper Connect. You will never run out of space on your phone for your summer memories.

To get started with Share Your Photos:


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