Why you Should Use the Picture Keeper Connect as a Storage Device

Many of us are taking more pictures and videos than ever before. But so many of us are not properly backing up our files to a safe location. Imagine your phone gets stolen or the hard drive on your computer crashes, and you lose not only images and videos, but memories too. We never want this painful experience to happen to you. Picture Keeper is always working on ways to make photo and video storage easy and stress-free, which is why the Picture Keeper Connect is the last storage device you will ever need to buy. Here are four reasons you should be using the Picture Keeper Connect as a storage device.

1. Portability

Are you ready for summer vacation travel? Now your photo storage device can go where you go! Slip it right into your carry-on bag, and you are good to go. Worried about losing your Connect? We offer cases that you can easily label whether for a special event, your summer vacation or just everyday protection. Check them out here.

2. Compatibility

Is your family divided between Apple and Android, making photo sharing and storing difficult. Unlike a regular USB drive that only works on your computer, the Picture Keeper Connect is compatible with smartphones and tablets, as well as a Mac or PC computers. You can store all your files right onto the Connect making it perfect for a family or an individual with multiple devices. The next time you and your family are together for your summer BBQ, you can just pass around your Picture Keeper Connect and easily access all your family photos from one place!

3. No Third Parties Involved

Does it ever give you an unsettling feeling knowing your photos are being uploaded to a third party website like iCloud or Dropbox? We think so too! That’s why not only do we not use a third party to store your photos, but we never charge subscription fees. Finding that #tbt photo has never been easier (or more secure!).

4. Multiple Storage Capacities

Whether you are looking to protect your individual memories, or the entire family’s, we give you multiple options for storage. Our 16GB, which holds around 8,000 photos is perfect for an individual, but if you are a family looking to protect a large amount of photos, the 32GB (holds around 16,000 photos) or the 64GB (holds around 32,000 photos) is a great option! We know you have a lot of family selfies that need to be stored somewhere safe!
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