How To Write A Winning Scholarship Entry

As a start-up company, we value hard work and doing what it takes to achieve goals. That is exactly why we love offering scholarships to students twice a year. Our Spring 2018 scholarship is open, and we are excited to read all the incredible applications! As you start submitting your essay, consider these tips and you might possibly create the winning scholarship entry.

Include all the materials

When submitting your information for the Picture Keeper scholarship, including all necessary information is essential. In one email include your essay, link to social media post, and a transcript! Don’t have social media? Send us your photo along with the rest of the material! Following the instructions and supplying all the materials shows responsibility and also tremendously helps the scholarship committee stay organized in deciding the winners.

Make the answer to your prompt known

One of the best things you can do when submitting a scholarship essay, is to make the answer to your prompt known! It’s great to be creative, but it is still important to understand the purpose of the essay. For example, the Spring 2018 scholarships asks applicants to write about the person who has influence them the most and how they have helped to achieve their dreams. With this prompt, it’s important to clearly state what your dream is, who has influenced you, and how have they helped you (or are currently helping you) achieve your dreams.

Get personal

Adding personal touches to the essay can set you apart from the handful of other applicants! Everyone’s dream is important, but sharing a personal story behind your dream or finding a way to let your passion be shown in the essay can make your 300-word essay stand out from the others.

Be concise

As mentioned earlier in the blog, it’s important to make your essay topic and answers known. It is equally as important to be concise in response and not too lengthy! The 200-300 word essay should stay within those word limits, or close to it, while including all your important information.

Share what the scholarship means to you

While this isn’t essential, it is nice to know what winning the scholarship would mean to you! This adds another personal element to the essay and shows that you would be really appreciative to be considered.

Now that you have some winning secrets, it’s time to submit your scholarship application! There will be three winners: 1st place will win $500, 2nd place will win $250, and 3rd place will win a Picture Keeper Connect 16GB! Find more details on how to enter HERE. If you need extra inspiration, check out our blog on the Fall 2017 Scholarship Winners.