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Picture Keeper Connect
Your Photos… Your Picture Keeper
  • Plug-in, click Start and let Picture Keeper Connect do the work for you
  • Secure - no one but you has access to your photos, videos and contacts
Use on All Your Devices
  • Easily transfer photos, videos, and contacts between your all your phones, computers and tablets

So Simple
  • No internet required
  • Future backups start where the last backup left off

How to Start Using Your Picture Keeper Connect

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Picture Keeper Connect
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What our customers are saying


This product was so easy to use to save photos from my iphone! Just followed your simple straightforward directions & all went smoothly! Great for tech challenged users!

Terry M.

I ordered these as gifts for my sisters. I’m on my 5th Picture Keeper and I love having the ability to back up precious photos. Highly recommend.

Barbara C.

Changing phone companies and phone types, I wanted to backup all of my photos before switching and this worked perfectly!

Terri Y.

Great value. Followed directions and worked well. Peace of mind to know if my pictures are lost for whatever reason. Thank you.

Virginia K.

Finally the problem of saving photos has been solved. Loving my picture keeper!

Bill M.