Senior Staff Engineer

Simplified IT Products LLC

Job position of Senior Staff Engineer 

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for the development and improvement of Windows desktop applications including Picture Keeper, Ultimate Backup and other utility software running on Windows.
  2. Review algorithms in the software for duplicates detection, research and compare various hash algorithms using C++.
  3. Review integrations with famous photo services such as Facebook, Google Photos and so on, refactoring code and add additional features including backing up email attachments from various email services.
  4. Review current SQLite database implementation and develop ways to improve the performance of various database operations.
  5. Research the company's existing Share Your Photos service for optimizations such as integrating the photo sharing feature.
  6. Research the company's existing online printing products at for improvements including integrating the photo printing feature.
  7. For long term product enhancements, create comparative analysis, investigate popular desktop frameworks including QT and Electron, create proof of concept and summarize the pros and cons of each improvement options.
  8. Improve code reusability, pack reusable code into modules and provide SDKs for macOS apps, including using cross platform libraries such as STL, cURL, JsonCpp etc.
  9. Collaborate with coworkers on macOS application development as needed.
  10. Conduct internal solution design requirement sessions, including writing API documents and creating design diagrams.

Position requires Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field plus at least three years of experience as a Software Engineer or on a similar position. Requires computer science background with good knowledge of C++, Windows programming, and algorithms; strong verbal and written communication skills, attention to details, ability to work in a demanding team-oriented environment.

Please mail resume and cover letter to Simplified IT Products LLC, 4445 Winfred Dr., Marietta, GA, 30066

Date Posted: 06/22/2022
Date Removed: 07/22/2022