11 Independence Day Activities for the Whole Family

Independence Day is a fun time for family and friends to get together and celebrate America’s independence. Whether you’re hanging out at a lake, a beach, or your friend’s backyard, you will want a few games and activities up your sleeve to enjoy during the day while you sip on your drinks and enjoy a few hot dogs. We’ve put together a list of 11 activities the whole family can enjoy this Independence Day.



You will need a decent sized yard, and maybe a good hill, to enjoy of a slip n slide! The kids will love this one and you will enjoy watching them all day long.



Corn hole, or often referred to as bag toss, is a great game to pass the day! It’s fun and brings out a little bit of competitiveness.

patriotic usa flag themed corn hold boards

Watermelon Eating Contest

This one can get a little messy, but it’s definitely entertaining! All you need to do is gather a few watermelons and volunteers and start your contest.


Ladder Golf

Like corn hole, this is another challenging game to keep the whole group involved.


Giant Jenga

This game is fun and can be played with small or large groups! If you have the normal small sized jenga, you can set those along tables for more people to play. The larger set of jenga is fun and you’ll love seeing everyone’s reactions as they try not to make the tower drop.

people play large Jenga

Tie-dye Patriotic Shirts

The kids will love an artsy project! Purchase cheap white t-shirts and use red and blue colors to tie-dye shirts.


Patriotic Balloon Darts

If you’re looking for more of a DIY project, balloon darts is perfect! You will need a fence or some sort of pallet to put the balloons on, blow up red and white balloons, place them on the surface, and start playing darts! You will need to be prepared to replace the balloons as people play throughout the day.


Scavenger Hunt

This will take a little more thought, but a lot of fun with children involved. Purchase a few of the small American flags and hide them throughout the party. Using clues, they will have to find all of the flags!


Ring Toss

This game is challenging and shows who has great hand-eye coordination! You can make this cute with patriotic versions of the game.

patriotic themed ring toss

Pie Eating Contest

Like the watermelon eating contest, a pie eating contest will get a lot of people involved! See who can eat the pie the fastest.


Relay Races

Relay races are the perfect game if you want to get all of your guests involved in an activity. You can do things such as a three legged race, wheelbarrow race, and so much more. It’s the perfect Independence Day activity!


Now that you have games and activities decided, head on over to our Memorial Day blog for ideas you can use to decorate for your party this Independence Day! Be sure to backup all your great photos and memories captured during the celebrations using Picture Keeper.