6 Top App Games for Kids

In the world of technology, parents often struggle with teaching their children technology but still not over-exposing them. Thankfully, there are plenty of kid-friendly educational apps that help pass time when needed! There are TONS of apps you can find that will focus on different aspects of learning, but we’ve shared a few that we think your children will enjoy.

Math Ninja

Math is a whole lot more fun with ninjas involved! Children must use their math skills in order to protect the ninja’s treehouse from a hungry tomato and his robotic army. It’s a great way to strengthen math skills all while enjoying something interactive.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids offers a wide variety of apps. From science to reading to creativity, they have games that every child will like – while still being educational!

Little Hospital

For the future doctor in your household, Little Hospital is the perfect app for them! Through this app, they will be able to explore all parts of the hospital. They will meet doctors, ride in an ambulance, try out x-ray machines and more! There’s no time like the present to find if they’re interested in being a doctor.

two young girls with headphones on looking at tablet

Under Leaves

This game will give your children a nice change of pace from the quick and loud games they often choose. Under Leaves has your children searching in the forest, ocean, and other landscapes for objects or animals they might need. The soothing music and coloring of the app brings a more serene experience to game time.

Shake the Tree!

Hiding in a big leafy tree is a bunch of different animals and you must find them! Shake the Tree is perfect for younger game-players. All they have to do is swipe their little fingers back and forth to “shake the tree” and an animal will fall! Once they’ve fallen, they can then interact with each animal and see what they’ll do next. It will definitely keep them entertained!

Toca Boca

This app series has a ton of options for your child to explore. From life on the farm to the city to the stables, salon, school, and more, children will enjoy all different areas! Toca Boca is all about tapping into your child’s experiences and creativities – so the games are made with them in mind! They are sure to be captivated by the different apps.

Now that you’ve found some good car-ride games for your children, make sure you have room for their favorite game apps. Use a Picture Keeper Connect to backup your photos, videos, and contacts and make room for the apps they love!