A Behind the Scenes Look at Picture Keeper's Fulfillment Center

Happy Fall from your friends at Picture Keeper! Have you ever been curious as to what happens behind the scenes at our Fulfillment Center located in Marietta, GA? During our most busy time of the year, we’d like to invite you along for an insider’s look at what goes on behind closed doors.

Throughout the entire year (but especially during the holidays) our Fulfillment Center is constantly busy fulfilling orders for Picture Keeper lovers all over the Country! All the way from programming each product with specially designed software to creating the perfect packaging, our dedicated team members are doing their very best to help your season shine.

Once the products arrive from our supplier, the devices are programmed with the software that has been designed specifically for Picture Keeper products. Our unique software sets us apart from other USB backup brands and companies. How? Picture Keeper introduces simplicity into your life, creating a solution for your photo backup needs. Initial backup finds all of your pictures, skips any duplicates and remembers where you left off each time the device is plugged in, saving only new pictures with each new backup.

Once the drives are programmed with our software, they are fit into “clam shells” and accessories and instructions are added to the shell. Our mobile product, Picture Keeper Connect, comes with a connector cable for Android users.

Once the devices and accessories are put into the shell, they are then put into the boxes, packaged tightly and sealed.

Location is determined and shipping labels are created for each specific order. Labels are then placed on the packages and depending on the size of the order, they are either mailed individually in envelopes or packed together in boxes.

Packages are then sent off to the customer. From that point, the customer gets to enjoy the benefits of Picture Keeper products, making his or her life a lot easier!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the Fulfillment Center! We, at Picture Keeper, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your holidays!

What Picture Keeper teams are you dying to take a behind the scenes peek at? Let us know in the comments!