Feature Friday: Picture Keeper Connect App

In this edition of Picture Keeper Feature Friday, we’re going to look at some of the coolest Picture Keeper Connect app features. The PK Connect app is designed to make backing up your photos, videos, and files as easy as possible.

Simplicity is, perhaps, the most important of the many Picture Keeper Connect app features. Many Picture Keeper Connect users don’t have time to learn to use complicated backup software. Instead, they want to backup their photos and memories as easily as possible, and the PK Connect app obliges. Plug in your Picture Keeper Connect drive, and click “Start Backup” when the app launches. That’s all you need to do.

No Repetitions

One of the downsides of many backup systems is that they back up everything from scratch, duplicating files and photos you’ve already backed up and taking up enormous amounts of memory you could use for new files. The PK Connect app backs up files incrementally, so only new photos and files are saved with each backup. It also works on multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Android tablets and Mac/PC computers and remembers where each device’s backup left off.

Create Prints & Custom Gifts

You’re taking great pictures and backing up them up with your Picture Keeper Connect. But what do you do to showcase these special memories at home, the office or at Grandma’s?

The Picture Keeper Connect app allows you to create custom gifts and prints directly within the app. Simply select the photos you would like to print, click “menu,” and choose the “print” option. This takes you to the “print shop” where you can shop and design your custom photo products! The best part? We’ll deliver them straight to your door! Check out this video on how to create prints and custom gifts with the app!

Access Your Contacts without Your Phone

The Picture Keeper Connect app doesn’t just back up photos and videos. You can also use it to backup your contacts. Once backed up, contacts can easily be transferred to a new phone or restored on your original device.

Additionally, simply plugging your PK Connect drive into a friend’s phone allows you to access the contact list, so you can text or phone your contacts from the phone without needing to import any contact information.

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What other aspects of safe, secure backups would you like to see us cover on the next Picture Keeper Feature Friday?