How to Create Mod Podge Canvas Photo Prints

create mod podge canvas

How to Create Mod Podge Canvas Photo Prints

So, you’ve chosen to free up space on your phone and backup your photos with Connect, you’ve printed them out and now they’re just sitting around waiting to be displayed. Sound familiar?

This happens so often and with such a busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to complete a project or display your photos how you want. That’s why I’m going to share with you some fun DIY photo projects over the next few weeks so you can clean out that clutter and flaunt your favorite photos!

For today’s project, I decided to create photo canvases using Mod Podge, because let’s face it – ordering canvases can be a bit pricey! This project is not only cheap but also quick to make.

First, I gathered supplies:
Photos printed on laser paper
Mod Podge
8×10 inch canvas boards (I found mine at Hobby Lobby – they offer single canvases or bundle packs)
Paint brushes (regular or foam)
Scissors or exacto knife

1. Print your photos on normal printer laser paper, but do not trim them.

2. Coat your 8×10 inch canvas boards in Mod Podge and center the printed photo on the board. With the little bit of overlap, trim the corners back so you can fold around the back of the board. This way you’ll have clean and simple edges when the project is complete.

3. Lastly, Put an extra coat of Mod Podge across the front of the canvas for an extra protective top coat.

You’re finished! You have some great personal canvas prints of your favorite photos! You can also frame in a 8×10 inch frame if preferred or hang as is.

The paper will actually glue down pretty tight to the canvas. You’ll see a bit of the texture come through which gives it the impression that it was printed on canvas. Yep, you’re getting the same look for less!