Making the Most of Your Android’s Camera

Your phone’s camera gets better everytime you upgrade, but trying to get the perfect shot can still be difficult. Picture Keeper pulled together the best tips for making the most of your Android’s camera. If you’re an Apple user, check out our blog post on taking Professional Looking Photos with Your iPhone.

Clean the Camera Lens

The first step to taking better photos with your Android or mobile phone, is to make sure the lens is clean and clear of anything that will get in the way of your photo. The best way to clean the camera lens is with a microfiber cloth, lens wipe, or a cotton swab dipped in distilled water.

Samsung Phone

Take Selfies from Above

In a German study about selfies, they found selfies taken from above and to the left were deemed the most attractive. For more flattering selfies and portraits, try holding your phone slightly higher.

Straighten the Horizon

Your eyes automatically search out horizontal lines in photos. Crooked or uneven horizontal lines make a photo look uneven and can be uncomfortable to look at. Try using a tripod, flat surface, or use a grid setting to make sure your photos are level. If you cannot get the shot level before you take it, try using a photo editing app to straighten the picture.

Take Panoramic Shots

Panoramic pictures are an interesting way to take wide angle shots with your Android phone. Turn on the Panorama camera mode or download a special camera app to take beautiful 360° photos with your phone.

Panoramic Photo

Wait for the Right Time of Day

The best lighting for photos is natural lighting, but your phone’s camera may not be equipped to take advantage of the midday sun. The sun is harsher, and shadows are shorter during the middle of the day, resulting in less than ideal photos. Try taking your photos after sunrise to mid-morning or mid-afternoon to before sunset.

Use Bokeh Effects

Bokeh effects put the main subject of your photo in focus while blurring the background around it. It is great for portraits or still lifes. Most newer Androids will have a Bokeh mode built in, but there are a variety of camera apps available that have a bokeh effect.

Close up of Flower

Take Multiple, High-Definition Photos

Don’t stop at one photo, increase your chances of getting the best shot by taking multiple, high-def photos with your Android device. Beware: high-definition photos take up more space in your phones memory, so make sure to backup your photos to a Picture Keeper drive or delete the photos when you’re done with them.