The Must-Have Graduation Photos

Graduating from high school is an exciting time in your child’s life! You are able to celebrate their successes and have the bittersweet moment realizing that your child is truly growing up. Graduating is a moment you will always want to remember, and you will definitely want to document the day for your child! We’ve gathered a few photos you must take throughout the day to be sure you’ve captured every moment.

Individual Photos with Cap & Gown

Snaps of your child in their cap and gown is an absolute must! This is the picture they will show their children when they are older, and one you are sure to cherish for a lifetime. Of course, they might have a cute outfit underneath, so you will want to show that off as well. You can do some shots with just the cap, or having them holding the gown over their shoulders to flaunt their great outfit!

graduate holding up her diploma

Receiving the Diploma

Now, this photo might be a little more challenging to take! Hopefully, the school hired a photographer to take photos and you won’t have to stress about capturing this on your smartphone. If not, maybe use a camera with zoom so you can capture this special moment.

Posed with Family

Many family members will travel to come see the graduation, so you want to be sure you gather everyone together for a picture. This is a great way to remember who all went to the graduation as years past, and really show appreciation for the family members who supported your child!

Posed and Candid with Friends

What’s high school without all their friends?! You will definitely want to capture several candid and posed photos as your child hangs out with their friends before, during and after graduation. Many friends will go their separate ways for college or work, and these photos will be special mementos to take with them!

graduates taking a selfie

Fun Photos with Props

Now this is where you can get creative! If you’re having a before or after-graduation party, you can create a photo booth and have your child take fun photos with it! It’s a great time for them to take photos with family and friends and end up really cute! Having large balloons is also a fun trend that makes for great pictures.

Represent Their Next Adventure

This is another fun photo that you will cherish! Take a photo that represents their next adventure. If that’s going to college, have them sporting a new t-shirt or wearing the school colors. If it’s a new job, have some sort of prop that expresses their next steps.

Sharing and Saving Your Photos

With the many photos you will be taking for graduation, you will want an easy way to share them with your whole family. Rather than posting them all to Facebook, the Share Your Photos App allows you to privately share all the photos, and each person can choose which ones they will want to download.

These are memories you will never want to lose, so be sure to back them up with a Picture Keeper Connect. It’s even a great gift to send with your child as they embark on their next journey!