Leaving a Legacy

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know how hard the grieving process can be. Remembering the happy moments during a person’s life is the one thing that can always help during emotional times. Photos are the best way to look back on the good times and memories made together and celebrate the life of a loved one.

In addition to an already emotional time, the logistics of coordinating a memorial service can also add a lot of pressure to family and friends. Having a convenient way to collect photos from family members and friends to share at the service, helps alleviate a small burden during that time. Also, when you have all of the most cherished memories in one place, it can be an invaluable keepsake to have for a lifetime.

Picture Keeper is more than just a device to help backup your photos. It is a tool to protect your most cherished memories, so they will always be remembered and can be passed them on for the next generation. Grab some tissues, and watch this beautifully emotional reminder that a legacy of love extends beyond a lifetime.