We recently had a Picture Keeper Connect Giveaway on our Facebook page which required people to submit their most favorite photos with an explanation as to why it’s their favorite photo. We were not expecting to have such ADORABLE photos and stories submitted, so when we did, we knew we had to post them for our readers to see!

Our first story is from LeighAnn Boyce, a Georgia mom that knows not only the importance of capturing life’s most precious memories but also the importance of backing those memories up and making sure they’re safe.

my favorite photos

Here’s LeighAnn’s story:

1. What is your name?: LeighAnn Boyce

2. Where are you from?: Perry, Georgia

3. When was the photo taken?: The photo was taken on the morning of August 11, 2016.

4. Where was the photo taken?: The picture was taken at the sitters house, in Perry, Georgia.

5. Tell us about why you chose this as your favorite photo?: I chose this as my favorite photo because it shows the true independence of my 2 year old son, Case. He dressed himself that morning in his favorite pajamas and his new rain boots. I did not try and talk him out of this outfit because he was so proud of himself.

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: I want to remember the first time he dressed himself, the outfit he wore, and how truly proud of himself he was.

7. What specific memory does the photo bring back to you?: This photo reminds me of Case’s older brother, Clayton, and the time he dressed himself and how they both seem to gain their own independence at the same age.

8. If you could describe this photo in one word, what would it be?: The one word I would use to describe this picture is Independence.

9. How would you feel if you lost this photo?: If I were to lose this photo, I would truly be sad, it’s photos like these that allow me to look back on when my babies were little and I can remember the times of the different stages in their lives.

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