Share Your Photos

If you have ever planned or attended a special event, you know that lots of pictures are usually taken and shared between the guests. A personalized hashtag may be created, or pictures may be emailed or texted back and forth. This makes things complicated because it tends to take forever to send pictures, receive pictures and download pictures. Picture Keeper decided that there HAS to be a way to make sharing memories a lot easier, so we created an App for just that.

We are SO excited to announce our latest endeavor, Share-Your-Photos, or S.Y.P.

S.Y.P. is a way to easily share photos from an event with those that attend, making uploading and downloading a breeze! All you have to do is download our (free) App from the App Store or Google Play and register to create an event or join one! Share Your Photos helps you easily share photos from weddings, birthday parties, reunions and much more, allowing you to make each event unique with its own personal name, so your photos can stay organized.

How our App Works:

  1. Create Event – You can create a unique name for this event and share it with all of your guests. Try making it unique to the event, using personalized phrases or someone’s name.

  2. Invite Others – Share the event’s unique name with the rest of the attendees so that they can easily find the event and join in a matter of seconds.

  3. Start Sharing – upload all of the photos from your event to the group so that everyone can see and save the photos from one place.

  4. Lastly, you have the option to view, print and/or download the pictures.

Never waste your precious time with the hassle of photo sharing again. Download Share Your Photos and discover a whole new way to connect!