my favorite photo

Story By Picture Keeper User: Abbi Rieser, Mill Valley, CA

“My favorite photo is one of my dog Lady at Stinson Beach – just North of San Francisco. I was home visiting from Atlanta, Georgia and my Dad woke everyone up (me, my brother, my sister, and mom) plus our two dogs Lady – the Basset Hound, and Harley – the Jack Russell. My dad is a super early riser and always wants to get out to the beach “before all the crowds” – in this case, 7 a.m.

We all grumbled out to our big Suburban – except the dogs – they were SO excited! Lady and Harley squealed as my dad started the car and began the windy drive over the hill. If anyone has ever driven out to Stinson Beach from Marin County, you know the 12 mile stretch of snaking roads that you must navigate through in order to get there. It’s a roller coaster, and with my dad’s lead foot, it can be a little nauseating! When we arrive at the beach it is a cool 55 degrees with a light fog rolling across the shore break. We got out onto the sand, kicked off our shoes, and all 5 of us, plus our two excited dogs set off on our adventure. With all of us now living on all corners of the U.S., taking a walk on the beach altogether is a very special moment.

When I look at this picture of Lady, it brings back the vivid memory of my day at the beach with the people that I love. It brings back the smell of the sea and comforts of home. I have many photos of this day, and often scroll back through my phone to relive the memory.

Losing these photos would be devastating – especially when I am far from home and looking for something familiar and treasured.”