Picture Keeper Connect - Mobile Backup

We recently launched our newest mobile backup device – Picture Keeper Connect

Picture Keeper Connect joins an impressive line of portable and simple backup solutions with embedded software. Whether you run out of space or get a new device, it is important to backup your memories, so you can keep creating new ones.

Picture Keeper Connect drive plugs directly into the charging port of your cell phone and tablet for simple, easy backup of your data right to a portable compact USB drive! Files can be accessed and backed up without WiFi or data connection and are always within reach. Transfer photos, contacts and videos directly from your Phone or Tablet (iOS and Android) to your Mac or PC. Picture Keeper Connect gives you flexibility as one solution for backing up all the mobile devices in your household. If you fill up one Picture Keeper Connect, you can plug in another and it will continue right where the other left off. Picture Keeper Connect skips duplicates, frees up memory on your Android or iOS device, easily transfers between both mobile and desktop, and requires no software to install and no monthly fees.

Have an older phone? Use the Free Picture Keeper Connect App to facilitate the easy transfer of photos, videos, and contacts from your smartphone or tablet to your computer, even with an older phone. With the Picture Keeper Connect App, you can download your password protected backup onto your computer at your convenience. Use the App with the Picture Keeper Connect device for easy wireless backup directly from your cellphone or tablet to your Connect USB device. The App is available for free download in both Google Play and the Apple App store.

Keeper Connect is the fastest way to move files between your devices without needing cloud services or Wi-Fi. You may ask, why not just use the cloud for my storage? Well, we still strongly believe in removable storage and the convenience of having it in hand. There’s never security or server issues, your files are always within reach, and you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or data connection.

So, the next time you “Cannot Take Photo” because there is not enough storage available on your phone, plug in your Picture Keeper Connect and let us take care of that for you! Shop now for Picture Keeper Connect