November is a special time for thankfulness, and something worth being thankful for is the time that we have with our loved ones. This week’s #MyFavoritePhoto story focuses on the gift of time and spending it with the people we love the most. We are never promised tomorrow, so hold on to those around you and make every moment count! Join us as we visit one of Cynthia Wood’s favorite memories with her mother.

1. Name: Cindy Wood

2. Where are you from?: Four Oaks, NC

3. When was this photo taken?: May 10, 2011

4. Where was this photo taken?: “Hot air balloon ride with my mom.”

5. Tell us about why this is your favorite photo: “My best friend and mom never asked for much, but this is something she wanted to do. It’s wonderful to have these memories.”

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: “Her smile and how amazing everything looked for a while. There was no sickness, just her being happy.”

7. What memories does the photo bring back to you?: “Her smile and how happy she was!”

8. If you could choose one word to describe this photo, what would that word be?: “Breathtaking.”

9. Lastly, how would you feel if you lost this photo?: “Tore up. I lost mom after this picture and all I have is memories. When I see the balloon it brings back memories of her happiness and tears of joy she shead.”

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