#MyFavoritePhoto: Love Is In The Air

This Valentine’s Day we want to celebrate with you – our community of Picture Keeper members! We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers and asked them to share stories of their favorite memories with loved ones! Check out this guest post from Kristin of Modish and Main and don’t forget to enter our #LoveIsInTheAirGiveaway for a chance to win your own Picture Keeper Connect!

1. Name: Kristin Mansky

2. Where are you from?: Oxnard, CA

3. When was this photo taken?: June of 2016

4. Where was this photo taken?: Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy

5. Tell us about why this is your favorite photo: “I have always dreamed of visiting Italy, the birthplace of my Grandpa’s family. Getting to travel throughout parts of Italy was magical, but finally arriving on the coast & seeing the Ligurian Sea with my partner by my side was absolutely breathtaking.”

6. What do you want to remember about this photo?: “The feeling of timeless eternity. When you are in Italy, time slows down & people rarely look at a clock. They enjoy each moment, cherish it like it may never happen again.”

7. What memory does this photo bring back to you?: “I’ll always remember walking up to dinner on our first night in Monterosso al Mare and stopping at this lookout point. I literally hugged my partner and couldn’t believe that this was real, we were really walking along the coast of Italy and no one could take this moment away from us.”

8. If you could choose one word to describe this photo, what would that word be?: “To put it simply, it was utterly breathtaking.”

9. Lastly, how would you feel if you lost this photo?: “Oh wow, I’ve actually thought a lot about this over the past 6 months and sadness overwhelms me thinking of losing this photo. When you are the photographer you don’t have many photos where you are actually in them, so these are very treasured moments that I plan on keeping for a lifetime. I hope to look back through these photos year after year and remember to be so grateful I was giving the opportunity to travel and explore with the people I love.”

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