Our Favorite (almost) Mess Free Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love getting dressed up, handing out candy, and trying PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! But my least favorite part? Dealing with the pumpkin guts after carving my Jack-O-Lantern. Check out our Favorite (almost) Mess Free Jack-O-Lantern ideas below!

I went to the local craft store and picked up a couple plastic pumpkins and crafts supplies. Unlike real pumpkins, plastic pumpkins don’t require being cleaned out and they won’t start to go bad a week later.

The simplest way to decorate a Jack-O-Lantern without carving it, is with paint! There are no limits to how you can paint your pumpkin. Acrylic paints will work best. Make sure to clean your pumpkin before you start. If you are going to be displaying your pumpkin outside, it’s a good idea to cover it with a few coats of an outdoor sealant. For a fun twist on a classic Jack-O-Lantern, try using Glow in the Dark paint to make sure your pumpkin is seen at night!

Another way to get creative with your pumpkin, is to use cardboard and paper cut outs. This idea works better with pumpkins that will be kept inside, as paper products may start to fall apart if they get wet outside. Cut out some eyes, a nose, a mouth, and maybe some horns, and glue them onto your pumpkin. This is great for small kids who want to make a Jack-O-Lantern but aren’t old enough to handle a knife. Check out these pumpkin crafts for some super cute Halloween inspiration:

Don’t limit yourself to either paint or paper, use both to create a truly custom and creative Jack-O-Lantern without the mess!