Which Picture Keeper Is Best for This School Year?

Stores are loaded with all the back to school supplies you need! From notebooks, to new pens, calculators, planners and more, they’ve got your list covered. Well… mostly covered. We have something those stores don’t have – the easiest way for your student to backup their most important photos, files, and more.

While most stores with back to school supplies offer USBs for your students, these drives don’t easily manage all of their files. Picture Keeper has different drives that will suit the needs for your student specifically. So which Picture Keeper drive is the best for your student this school year? Let’s find out!

Picture Keeper for Desktop

Have a bunch of photos and want an easy solution to back them up? Picture Keeper for Desktop is the perfect solution! We think this option is specifically great for those parents with students going into Grade School / Elementary School or younger. Those are the years where you will have tons of photos of your student throughout the year. What would you do if your computer crashed and all of these precious photos were lost? Picture Keeper for Desktop will prevent this from happening! You simply plug in the drive, select “Start Backup” and you’re set! All of your memories are saved on the drive and protected from any disaster.

picture keeper for desktop

Picture Keeper Connect

Have a child heading into middle school years? Picture Keeper Connect is the device for you! Middle School years seem to be the busiest. Between sports and after school activities, you’re always on the go. Picture Keeper Connect is a mobile device that can plug directly into your smartphone (iPhones and most Androids). That way you can protect all of your photos and videos of your child (and even your phone contacts) by plugging in the drive and beginning the backup – no WiFi needed!

Picture Keeper Pro

High School years and beyond, your student is going to have tons of files! Between research papers and projects, there will be plenty of things that need to be saved and backed up for them. Picture Keeper Pro is the best option! It does ALL files. Photos, videos, music and home office files are all easily saved directly from your computer to keep them protected for your student. Plus, they don’t even have to do the hard work! Simply plug in the drive, press start backup, and your files will be saved! That way they can go have fun and not worry about whether their assignment will be safe to work on again the next day.

Picture Keeper Pro being used by a girl on a laptop

Shop the backup solution that’s best for your student! Still not sure which quiz to find out!