Picture Keeper Difference: How is Picture Keeper different than file managers?

Having photos, videos, and contacts stored in one location to keep safe and view later is important! Many products claim they save and store content from your phone, but really, they are nothing more than file managers.

These file managers are all talk and no game. While you would think they would organize your files for you, you end up doing all of the hard work! Here comes the annoying drag and drop system and organizing the device yourself. Picture Keeper, however, is different!

Picture Keeper Connect takes away the confusing work and merges all of your photos, videos, and contacts into one location. With one press of the “Start Backup” button, Picture Keeper Connect will store your photos, videos and contacts neatly onto the drive. It will save it into different compartments, which makes it incredibly simple to go back and view later! No dragging and dropping necessary! It keeps the backup process easy, as it should be, so you can sit back and enjoy looking at the memories you’ve made.

Watch this video to understand more: