Organizing Photos & Files Using Picture Keeper Pro

Picture Keeper Pro is the easiest and best way to backup all of your files. Its foolproof software offers a simple solution to safely store all of your photos, videos, music, and home office files with one click of a button! Picture Keeper Pro is simple to use, keeps all of your important files safe, and can help organize your files! To help make the most of your organization on Picture Keeper Pro, we have explained how Picture Keeper Pro automatically organizes your files and provided a few tips to take your organization to the next level.

Picture Keeper Pro Backup & Organization

Picture Keeper Pro mirrors your desktop computer when organizing your photos and files during the backup process. On a Windows computer, the files are backed up on the Picture Keeper Pro exactly as they are stored in the Picture Library or Desktop. For example, if the Picture Library has folders saved by date or event, then Picture Keeper Pro will save it the same way on its drive. When organizing on a Mac, you must first turn on the option to backup Albums. Picture Keeper Pro will then back up the Albums and store Events by the entire year from the Photos application.

Tips to Better Organize Your Files

Our best suggestion to keep your files safely backed up and organized on your Picture Keeper Pro would be to first organize your desktop! Creating files with clearly defined names of events or years is the best way to quickly find anything you are looking for within Picture Keeper Pro. PC computers are simple to organize within the Picture Library and creating albums there. For Mac users, we suggest creating specific photo albums for events and different occasions. As its mentioned previously, Picture Keeper Pro will then sort the photos within the album by year. So if you have photos in an album that are from year 2016-2018 it will save them in that order!

As for home office files, we recommend a similar method. Have your files organized neatly on your desktop in different folders. Picture Keeper Pro will recognize the folders and save your files accordingly!

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