Picture Keeper’s 5 Favorite iPhone 7 Cases

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Your iPhone 7 case offers more than protection for your phone—it’s a fashion statement. Your choice of case indicates something about your personality. Are you all business or a free spirit? Do you value timeless style or love whimsy?


You’ve certainly got plenty of options available: a quick search for iPhone 7 cases on Google Shopping reveals page after page of cases for all styles and tastes. To help you make your choice, we’ve assembled five of our favorite unique iPhone 7 cases. If none of them catch your fancy, don’t despair—there’s plenty of other options out there!


The Ullu Premium Leather Sleeve Case

The Ullu Premium Leather Sleeve Case combines style with protection. The handcrafted leather protects your phone from scratches, while the leather itself builds up a unique patina as time passes.

The case comes in an array of colors, although we’re partial to “Bloody Hell” red. If you prefer a more whimsical appearance, select the “Cowlick” option for a hairy, cowhide-colored case.


Felony Case’s Concrete Case

Let’s face it, many iPhone cases are designed with femininity in mind. Flowers, pastel patterns, and kittens abound. But what if you want a more rugged-looking case?

Felony Case’s Concrete Case is exactly what it sounds like—a case with a look reminiscent of industrial concrete. The case’s rough-touch matte gives the case a finish that feels like concrete too. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s tired of whimsical phone cases.


The Sonix Sushi Case

Not that we’re tired of whimsy at Picture Keeper. We love the Sonix Sushi case, with its adorable rolls, nigari, and maki. The case isn’t all show either—the impact-resistant bumper helps protect your phone from damage.

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

One of the more unique iPhone 7 cases, Apple’s Smart Battery Case seems plain at first glance. It’s only available in white, black, or red, and has a raised area on the back of the phone.

That raised area is a secondary battery capable of providing 26 extra hours of talking time. When the case is on, your phone monitors how much battery time you have left. It’s an ideal case for those of us who never want their phone to power down in the middle of a conversation.


Silk Innovations iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Function is as important as fashion when it comes to unique iPhone 7 cases, and the Silk Innovations iPhone Wallet Case provides both. Available in black, purple, and gunmetal grey, this soft-touch case boasts textured sides to reduce drops and accidents. The outer pocket on the case fits up to three credit cards or identification and some cash comfortably, so you can combine your wallet or purse with your phone.



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