Spring Cleaning - Declutter Your Smartphone

Spring is right around the corner, which makes for a perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Phones are used on a daily basis, so why not spend some time cleaning it out and freeing up storage? We’ve gathered a few tips to help you declutter and maintain your smartphone so you can add new memories all season long!

1. Backup Your Files
The most important thing to do when decluttering your phone is to make sure your important files (pictures, videos and contacts) are all backed up before anything is deleted. Picture Keeper Connect can be plugged straight into the charging port of your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Launch the free Picture Keeper Connect app, simply hit “start backup” and sit back as it backs up your files. You can back and delete your files to free up space, knowing they are safe and secure on the Picture Keeper Connect drive.

2. Group Apps into Folders
Organize all of your apps into specific folders. For example, group together the social media apps into one folder, your music apps into another folder, shopping apps into their own folder, etc. for better organization. This will let you visualize how many apps you have under one category, helping you decide which ones you actually use.

3. Delete Apps
Now that your apps are organized, delete the apps you don’t use very often. Apps take up a lot of data and storage, so it is best to only have the ones that are used on a weekly basis. Next, open up individual apps and delete files within the app. For example, deleting conversations in your Messages app or Skype will free up a lot of space as well.

4. Delete Photos and Videos
Once you backup your phone with Picture Keeper Connect, go through your files and delete any that you don’t need anymore. Videos are another component that use large amounts of data, so cleaning them out will result in a lot more space. You can always plug your Picture Keeper Connect in to your phone to view the files or transfer the files back onto your phone.

5. Maintain Your Smartphone
After you declutter your device, enjoy the benefits by following a few simple maintenance rules:

– Continue to delete files and apps that you no longer use

– Keep each organized folder to a maximum of 9 apps. If you have more than 9 apps in one folder, you won’t be able to see them in your folder icon.

– Continue to delete text messages and emails that you no longer need.

– Rearrange the location of your apps until it feels right.

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